Terms and Conditions


1. Definitions
In these conditions “the Company” means Eco-Smart Pest Control and Hygiene PTY (Ltd). The company shall be responsible for the treatment of any infestation by the pest/vermin specified in the order form/invoice in those parts of the property stated for the currency of the contract.

2. General
2.1. The company shall undertake the surveys, services or works in a courteous and prompt manner.
2.2 The client shall provide access for the company surveyors and technicians to carry out its services at the agreed time and date.
2.3 The company reserves the right to charge, by the hour, for any wasted journeys due to failure to observe appointments, delays in carrying out the work or cancellations as a result of the clients failure to allow access, facilitate the works or provide proper instruction.
2.3.1. In the event of any representative of employees of the company being called upon to visit the premises of the client for the purpose of any inspection or any service and should the representative or employee of the company be unable to carry out such inspection or service as a result of there being no one at the premises to enable them to do so, then the client shall be liable to pay the company as an agreed fee in respect thereof the sum of R100.00 for each occasion which shall be payable on demand.

3. Liability
3.1. The company shall not be responsible for the repair or replacement of any part of the property as result of further infestation by the pest/vermin specified in the order form/invoice during the currency of the warranty.
3.2. For the treatment of timbers or articles where a non-staining treatment is required, the company will use liquid specially prepared to dry without staining, and every care will be taken. The company shall not be responsible should staining occur.
3.3. Every care will be exercised by the company, and/or its employees in executing the work specified in this order but the company shall not be responsible for any damages or loss of whatsoever nature or however caused suffered by the client as a result of the products used, activities of the company, and/or its representatives and/or its employees in the execution of this order.
3.4 When treating for subterranean termites, no responsibility is accepted for damage to under floor cables, conduits, or pipes etc. unless adequate plans are supplied to us showing their location before treatment commences.
3.5. For a full list of pests / vermin covered by the specific treatment, please contact the company.

4. General Agreement
4.1. The client shall report immediately to the company any evidence of further activity by the pest specified in this order form which may become known to the client during the warranty period, where upon the company will as soon as possible carry out treatment if found necessary by its approved methods and preparations.
4.2. Any warranty will not apply to timbers concealed or inaccessible to the visual examinations.
4.3. The Client shall arrange for access to all traps and inspection points and further charge will be payable to the company if such access is impeded and requires any additional effort on behalf of the company in order to obtain access to such traps and inspection points.
4.4. The company’s obligation set out in this order covers the parts of the property, areas or articles specified. Written notice of all additions and alterations to the property shall be given to the Company.
4.5. The work or service to be carried out in terms of this order does not extend to furniture or other contents of the building unless specifically stated on the order form.
4.6. Any claim against the company in terms of the conditions of any contract resulting from the acceptance of this order to further treatment of pests will be waived if pest infested timber of furniture is introduced onto property after the date of treatment.

5. Conditions of Treatments
5.1. Written or verbal acceptance of the quotation recognizes that the report specification and recommendations form part of the contract. We reserve the right to:
(i) Charge for any additional works for which the client gives either written or verbal instructions which necessitate a variation in the works;
(ii) Make any variation in the method of working or alter the specification or materials used;
(iii) Omit or alter any parts of the works which proves on exposing the structure to be impractical.
5.2. The client shall make available, free of charge, a suitable supply of power and water. Reasonable access shall be made for the delivery of materials and on-site welfare facilities.
5.3. The company quotation is based on the working area being clear of all personal effects, furniture, fixtures, fittings, floor coverings, etc. where the company operatives have to remove such items to perform their work, this shall be regarded as a chargeable item.
5.4. The client must make the company aware if they know or suspect asbestos is present in our working area.
5.5. The client shall insure that all pets, children, pregnant woman, vulnerable adults, the elderly or persons with allergies, respiratory or heart complaints and other contractors are excluded, when necessary, from the treatment area until deemed safe to return. All valuable or delicate items or items that may be sensitive to exposure to moisture or dust should also be removed from the treatment area by the client before work commence.
5.6. The client must ensure that the structure and all services and installations within the treatment area are stable, safe, earthed and in good working order before commencement of work. The company can accept no responsibility for any pre-existing damage, condition or weakness of a structure or system that is exposed by our work.

6. Payment
6.1. Structural termite treatment: Full payment will be due on completion of these works. Any guarantee will be dated from the completion of these works and issued on full settlement of the account. Late or non-payment of the account may result in the delay or withholding of the guarantee.
6.2. General Pest control: The full cost price shall be due and payable and recoverable by the company on completion of the initial treatment.
6.2.1. The company shall have the right to suspend any services if any amount due by the client is unpaid, but reserves the right to claim the full contract price outstanding.
6.2.2. Any warrantee / guarantee in terms of this order shall be null and void unless all monies due have been paid timeously.

7. The quotation shall constitute an offer by the client to the company which the Company may accept or reject, if accepted by the company the order shall constitute the conditions of the work to be performed. The client warrants that his acceptance of this offer has not been influenced by any representation or promises made by or on behalf of the company and agrees that this document contains all the terms, provisions and conditions of his offer and of the contract which will result if this offer be accepted.

8. Performance of the work in terms of any quotation or invoice shall be deemed to be an acceptance of the client’s offer.

9. This work is guaranteed subject to the following conditions:
9.1. That the warrantee / guarantee only extends to the eradication of the vermin and/or pest against which the services are aimed.
9.2. That the warrantee / guarantee cannot be invoked before a complaint is lodged, in writing, with the company.
9.3. That if no complaint is lodged, in writing, with the company, during the currency of this warrantee / guarantee, the work performed in terms hereof shall be deemed to have been satisfactory in all respects.
9.4. The Client must notify the company of any problems within 5 (Five) days of that problem having occurred, or else the prescription period of notification shall be deemed to have expired and any claim on the Company shall be deemed to be “Out of Time”.
9.5. The warrantee / guarantee will be deemed valid only if all advice and care procedures suggested by the technician have been followed.
9.5.1. Should supplied recommendations not be adhered to, the warrantee / guarantee will be deemed null and void.

10. The Company reserves the right to recover from the client all legal and interest fee’s incurred in the Process of Recovering Monies contractually owed by the client to the company. Such cost shall extend to actions taken against the client by way of Proceedings in the Magistrates Court to recover such monies.

11. Should the company fail to contact the client for whatever reason for the complimentary follow-up treatment (where applicable and stated on the invoice) after 5 weeks from the initial treatment, the onus then falls on the client to contact the company and make arrangements.