Your home is lovely and warm and just the right place to shelter from the storm. Cockroaches are one of the insects you need to look out for this winter as they do not lie the cold. Cockroaches have been around for more than 200 million years, so a little cold wind is not going to kill or get rid of them. They can dramatically slow their respiration when it’s freezing, going into a temporary coma. Cockroach control is not as simple as just spraying insecticide or repellants. These pests can and will get into all things, they reproduce quickly and can survive for months without food and water. Cockroaches can be a struggle but with the right tools it can make the process of getting rid of them a bit easier. The best way to get rid of cockroaches would be with professional help.

 Did You Know: Cockroaches contaminate food, utensils, and furnishings and they are the carriers of diseases such as Gastroenteritis and Dysentery?

German cockroaches, which are about half-inch in length, infest the interior walls of apartments and buildings where it is warmer than 25°. They live the entire winter reproducing and developing in these areas of your home. The hated American roach cannot survive when temperatures dip to 15°F. The bugs do overwinter, however, by hibernating in wood piles or decaying trees. They will also move indoors when chilly winds blow. The moment your heater is on and you turn your home into spring or summer, any cockroaches which have found their way inside the walls, or the kitchen, will think it is spring or summer and come out looking for food.

There are two types of illnesses you can contract from cockroaches,

Gastroenteritis: When you have diarrhea (running stomach) and vomiting, you can say that you have the “Stomach Flu”.

Dysentery: Inflammation or swelling of the intestines accompanied by bloody diarrhea.

Cockroach prevention is key

Early detection and prevention of cockroaches is key to preventing the winter roaches from emerging. You need to make your home as sealed and unattractive as possible.

You can do the following:

  • Seal up food on the counters – use Tupperware and plastic containers that lock up tight and keep roaches and other insects out
  • Put food in the fridge – if it needs to be kept cold
  • Clean dishes and put them away – don’t stack the sink with dirty dishes.
  • Clean counters and surfaces on which you put food – wipe down the counters around your kitchen.
  • Wash the floors – mop floors and wipe them down with cleaners often and keep food off the floor.
  • Take out the garbage – cockroaches are not picky about what they’ll eat.
  • Vacuum – make sure you vacuum up dirt and food that get caught in the carpets and on floors.
  • Seal up the house – are there cracks in the foundation?
  • Plug up the drains – roaches are also known to get inside homes through bathtub drains.
  • Store pet food away – make sure pet food is sealed up tight in containers so roaches cannot access them.

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