They often go unnoticed for years without any immediate signs only to be discovered when the damage done is too severe. Termite treatment is dependent on the type of termite that is found at the site and this classification can only be done by a trained technician. The type of termite further varies according to the geographical location of the premises. There are three main categories of termites, Harvester Termites, the Subterranean and Dry Wood Termite.

Did You Know? Termites love areas with high concentration of moist and dampness. The Queen termite lays a new egg every 15 seconds, which equals to about 30 000 eggs a day.

Harvester Termites can do severe damage to lawns and flower beds. Have you noticed yellow patches on your lawn? That is not from lack of rain or sunshine. That could be harvester termites eating away at your lawn. Harvester Termites damage flower beds by eating away at all the nutrition from the fertilizers you have purchased and fed to your plants.

What can you do? Eco-smart Top Tips

  • You can drown termites in your garden by breaking down the mud tubes they have built and flooding your garden slightly.
  • Ensure that your home and garden gets enough sunlight as this kills them naturally.

Eco-Smart Pest Control

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