Termite Control with the aid of a professional pest control agent may be costly; however, it is minimal compared to the costs to repair your home. Think of the cost to replace your laminated wooden floors or the beams in the roof cavity of your home. What about the unit your television, porcelain plates, or frames are resting on. Roof repairs can run into thousands of Rand’s as well as replacing your priceless antique furniture. Termites will slowly but surely spread throughout your home if not treated professionally the first time around.

Termite Control will depend on the type of termite found on your premises. This is done by a trained technician like Eco-Smart Pest Control. Termites vary according to the location of the home of office. The two main categories of termites are namely Subterranean and Dry Wood Termite, which is found all across South Africa.

Take note, they cause structural damage to the exterior of your home as well. Ever wonder why your beautiful garden lamps never last? Eco-Smart Pest Control recently treated the runway at an airport. The reason for this is that Termites were chewing through the runway light fixtures and chewing the bulbs. These runway lights cost a pretty penny; however, they contacted us to treat the area.

Did You Know? The Queen termite lays a new egg every 15 seconds, which equals to about 30 000 eggs a day.

The Mud-tubes which they construct can cause severe damage to your property and the surrounding areas. Termites started to damage the runway we were working on due to these mud-tubes, so think about what they can do to your foundation of your home. Termite Control – How do I know I have termites in my house? Wood damage is usually found behind and below surfaces like floors and walls. Termites basically cause damage to the wood in your home; they chew it looking for cellulose. As time goes by, the wood weakens causing structural damage.

Termite Control Eco-smart Top Tips

  • Ensure that there are no leaks of any kind in your roof or in and around your home
  • Ensure that your skirting is always dried properly when washing floors and walls
  • Ensure that laminated floors are cleaned with the correct equipment
  • Ensure that your wood is treated and maintained so it does not get damp in any way.
  • Keeping the temperature low in your home is also a good way of keeping them from entering.


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