Fish moths or silverfish is a tiny wingless. It is among those small active insects that have two or three bristles at the end of their abdomen. They can be seen in kitchen, bathroom, laundry rooms, and spaces with moisture. They are not harmful to humans. They live on food items like sugar, flour, cereals, wallpaper, and clothes. The first step that should be taken is to make sure that you remove the food fish moths live off. If you need to keep these items then pack them in a sealed container.

What attracts fish moths to my home? Fish moths love areas that are warm and moist. Always clean up any spills and that there are no moist areas in your home. This includes areas such as bathroom, underneath the sink, and around pipes. Make sure any leaks in your plumbing are fixed. Check all of the cracks, drains and vents around the house. These areas should all be sealed so that any existing fish moths cannot escape and no new ones can enter.

How to get rid of fish moths naturally? Listed below are a few DIY remedies from Eco-Smart Pest Control that can help you.


Not only will your home smell lovely form the cinnamon fragrance, but it will also keep these pests from entering your home. Place cinnamon sticks in the drawers, kitchen cupboards, bathroom, and book shelves.

Citrus Fruits Peels

Citrus fruits serve as an excellent fish moth repellent. Lemon, lime and orange peels in particular can prove to be very useful. Place these peels in the areas you suspect to see them. You will however have to keep changing the peels on a regular basis.

Naphthalene (Moth) Balls

Naphthalene (Moth) balls can be kept in the clothing to get rid of fish moths. Place them in your closet and book shelves. The scent of moth balls is so irresistible;therefore they will die when coming into contact with these balls.


This is probably one of the best home DIY insect repellents on the market. Cucumber peels will repel fish moths(silverfish) from accessing your home. Place some thick pieces of cucumber peel at the places from where they may enter.


Cloves are a natural repellent which is used to get rid of most pests in your home. You can use whole cloves to get rid of fish moths naturally. You can place these whole cloves in all the damp and dark areas in your home. Fish moths cannot stand the scent of cloves hence they will not enter your dwelling.

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