How do I get rid of cockroaches? The first thing you need to establish is that there two distinctive cockroach species you will encounter. There is a small flat-back species known as the German cockroach. These are generally light brown in colour. There is the larger slightly round back species known as the American cockroach. They are generally reddish brown in colour.

Eco-Smart Pest Control has extensive experience with eliminating both species should they have infested your home. Cockroaches are probably the most resilient pest/insect out there. They can thrive in very limited and basic conditions. In order for us to understand how do we get rid of cockroaches we first need to understand how do we attract cockroaches to our homes?

Causes leading to cockroach infestation;

  • Poor/low domestic hygiene.
  • Irregular/no pest control measures.
  • Food stored in uncovered containers.
  • They can survive in limited conditions and multiply very fast.

Sanitization and cleanliness is probably the most important step in preventing cockroaches. Hiring a Pest Control agent will render fruitless and a waste of your money if you do not keep your residence clean. You must remove the objects which attracts these pests to your home.

DIY tips on how to get rid of cockroaches

How to get rid of cockroaches? The reason you are still reading this blog. So below are a few home DIY remedies that can be used. Please note that most of these remedies might not have the desired affect and might not permanently remove the problem.

Bay Leaf Roach Repellent

Cockroaches despise the strong smell of bay leaves. This is a homemade repellent that will not kill them but dispel them from your home.

  • Use a few handfuls of bay leaves.
  • Grind them down to a fine powder.
  • Sprinkle this powder in areas where cockroaches have been identified.

Baking Soda and Sugar

Sugar attracts the cockroaches to eat the bait. The baking soda will damage and destroy the intestinal region of the cockroach.

  • Combine equal amounts of sugar and baking soda.
  • Sprinkle the mixture in different areas where cockroaches have been identified.
  • Remove dead cockroaches immediately.

Repeat the process if necessary.

Fabric Softener

Cockroaches actually breathe through the center (abdominal region) of their bodies. Fabric softener will kill them by making it hard for them to breathe.

  • Mix 2 part water with 3 parts fabric softener.
  • Pour solution into a spray bottle.
  • Apart from spraying this solution directly on cockroaches, you can also spray it into your zinc, basins, behind fridges, freezers, stoves, and furniture.
  • Repeat the process as often as desired/required.

Cucumber Trap

Placing cucumber peels in aluminum cans produces a distinctive stench that can kill cockroaches like pesticide can.

  • Place the cucumber peels in aluminum can.
  • Place these cans in areas where you suspect cockroaches.
  • Check cans after a few days.

Repeat if necessary.

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