Weeds are one of the biggest threats on our natural environment. They are affecting and deteriorating habitats and animals. Weeds are also a threat on our natural systems including rivers and forests. Weeds can sometimes be seen as a harmless little plant in the garden, around crops and over the lawn in your yard. Weeds grow so invasive that in one single season they can take over your lawn area if not treated correctly. Weeds are particularly harmful to pets in your yard as well as farm animals. Weeds carry harmful bacteria and poisonous substances which can be harmful to animals. Weeds can also attract pests such as cockroaches, rats and other rodents.


Weeds add no nutritional value to the world as no weed has ever been used as a food substance or in medicine. Weeds rather take up all the nutritional value in its surroundings causing the plants and the lawn in your yard to deteriorate. Weeds can reduce farm productivity; they invade crops and in certain cases can harm livestock. They vigorously compete for water, nutrients and sunlight. Your crops on your farm also suffer in nutrition as the weed’s growing all around it tends to take most if not all the nutrition from it. Weeds grow so rapidly and germinate/reproduce seeds which if left untreated only grow stronger and stronger with each growth cycle. Weeds sometimes have thorny ends which make them hard/difficult to remove and who knows what germs you may encounter removing them from your yard.


Eco-Smart Pest Control uses safe and harmless chemicals to remove weeds which can prevent/control them from ever growing back. Stronger chemicals used by unqualified pest control agents can be harmful to your pets, the Eco-system as well as possible water contamination. It is important to think of the long term affects these strong chemicals will have not only on your family but the environment as a whole.


Effective ways to get rid of weeds

  • Burn them
  • Use large quantities of Sodium Chloride or Vinegar
  • Use boiling water
  • Simply contact Eco-Smart Pest Control


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