Roof vacuumingCan rats chew through my ceiling? Most ceilings are made of drywall or some form of chipboard. Remember that these rodents can chew through basically anything and the reason for their Chewing is due to their teeth that never stops growing. If there is some form of food source, rats will find a way to chew its way through any obstacle. In order to solve these problems, you need to find out how these rats and mice are entering your premises.How do these rodents get into my home? They enter pretty much the same way as they do your ceiling cavity. These will be little openings how holes in walls and doors. Think of the power supply for your stove. The wire runs through and up the wall into the ceiling. This is the perfect way to get in. Eco-Smart pest Control has seen many situations of rats getting into the kitchen this way.


Trapping rats and mice in your ceiling can be challenging at times, if you do not have a standard ceiling like most homes. Traditional residence has spaces between the interior ceiling cavity and the roof which you can set traps. If your residence has a complicated ceiling cavity then you need expert Pest Control advice on where you can set traps or help you prevent them from entering your home. Eco-Smart Pest Control uses its roof vacuuming service to help clean your ceiling cavity and also help prevent rats from entering your home. You can start by working on the outside of your home to prevent them from entering your premises. Even if there are already rats and mice infesting your home, cleaning up on the outside prevents further infestation taking place. Once the external area of your home is patched up then you can focus on trapping the rats on the inside of your home.Rats will have to come out and feed sometime or another and this is the time for you to strike and trap them.


The best trap is still a snap trap but if your ceiling does not allow you to place them then it renders useless.If you identify or spot a rat in your home, you need to illuminate it as soon as possible. Rats leave a good trail for where they have been living and accessing your home. This will be the prime areas where you would want to set your traps. Rats do not like clean environments as they will always return to areas where they have left waste. Other ways to get rid of them would be to keep your home clean and tidy. Ensure that you use ammonia products when cleaning as the pungent smell will help dispel them. Ensure that the ceiling cavity is cleaned out regularly and that all wiring is properly covered and sealed. Ensure that all access points/holes are covered and treated. Eco-Smart Pest Control provides roof cleaning and vacuuming services to help you mitigate the infestation of any rodents. Remember that rats and mice carry diseases which they bring to your home. They also bring mites and little bugs which can be harmful to your family.


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