Did You Know: Rats take care of injured and sick rats in their group?

A rat can survive in water for three days and also being flushed down the toilet. And it can return to the building via the same route. These female Winter Soldiers can mate as many as 500 times with various males during a six-hour period, a state she experiences about 15 times per year. Meaning a pair of brown rats can produce as many as 2,000 destructive soldiers in a year if left to breed unchecked. Rats eat their own feces, purely for the nutritional value.

Rats gnaw incessantly on materials such as plastic and wood which means they chewing your Cheese. The presence of damaged materials and large holes in floorboards and walls are sure signs of infestation. In the event of an infestation, it is best to consult a pest control professional. Although various traps are available, they trap only individual specimens and will not prove effective in the event of an infestation. Rats tend to be wary of unknown objects placed in their surroundings, making many traps initially ineffective.

DIY Tips from Eco-Smart

  • Remove paper and cardboard used by rats for their Nests
  • Buy containers to store food and crockery in
  • Seal any openings larger than ¼ inch with caulk, wood, mesh, or other appropriate materials.
  • Simply contact Eco-Smart Pest Control

Yes, Eco-Smart Pest Control offers ceiling and roof vacuuming. Why should you vacuum your roof and ceiling?

  • It reduces the amount of hazardous dust coming through the ceiling and light fixtures
  • Remove possible diseases (disintegrating rat, bat and bird faecal matter)
  • Reduces the risk of allergies (asthma, hay fever and skin irritations)
  • Remove any bird nests or rodent carcasses
  • Reduce dust mite and bird lice infestations

What we do:

We remove any dust, dirt and rubble from your ceiling cavity. We then vacuum the cavity and provide a FREE rodent treatment in the ceiling. Finally we spray and Eco-friendly contact residual insecticide on all the surfaces to treat for (but not limited to) dust mites, bird lice, termites and cockroaches.

Optional extra services

On request, and for an additional fee, we can

  • Remove and replace old insulation
  • Sanitise the cavity using an antifungal and antibacterial spray
  • Clean out all gutters
  • Household pest control
  • Bird control

Please feel free to contact Aaron on 076 509 4708 for an obligation free quotation.


Aaron: 076 509 4708 or aaron@ecosmartpest.co.za

Louis: 083 259 4805 or Louis@ecosmartpest.co.za

Website: www.ecosmartpest.co.za


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