Did You Know? The Queen termite lays a new egg every 15 seconds, which equals to about 30 000 eggs a day.

Terminates look like ants however they are more closely related to cockroaches. Could explain why they never sleep. Yes, these pests work around the clock. So while you are sleeping cosy and snug in your bed, these pests are chewing their way through your home. Some scientists have confirmed that for every human there are 1000 pounds of termites. This is due to their rapid and fast reproduction. There are 2600 known species of termites!! Get rid of these pests as soon as possible.

Link to Part 1: https://www.ecosmartpest.co.za/2017/04/17/termites-pests-eating-your-cash/

What can you do? Eco-smart Top Tips

  • Ensure that there are no leaks of any kind in your roof or home
  • Ensure that skirting is always dried properly when washing floors and walls
  • Ensure that laminated floors are cleaned with the correct equipment
  • Regularly cleaning out the inside of your ceiling area
  • Or, you can simply contact Eco-Smart Pest Control

Eco-Smart Pest Control

We offer green solutions to your Pest Infestations, Tree Care and Lawn Care needs. The green protection is a system to utilize only the highest quality of environmentally friendly methods and materials through our eco-smart elimination.

  • We do fumigation of grain and other dry commodities
  • Roof vacuuming and cleaning
  • Fumigation of building and warehouses
  • Fumigation in restaurants against cockroaches
  • Control of rodents and similar pests.
  • Termite control in gardens, buildings etc.

HACCP Food Safety Principles are applied on food premises.


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