Believing termites to be summer pests, many homeowners let their guards down during winter months. However, various classes of termites are known to infest premises during autumn and winter months and reproduce until September. Subterranean and Harvester termites are the most destructive and widespread termite.  They are social insects, living in colonies that could contain up to several million, and they cause millions in property damage each year


Bedbugs have become a frustration. They are some of the best hitchhikers that travel from location to location on clothing, luggage and purses. Commonly found on airplanes and in hotels, those traveling should remain vigilant to prevent bringing these pests into their homes.


Ants infest in large numbers and sneak into homes from infestations from flowers picked up at nurseries and markets. Keeping a well-maintained lawn during winter months can help the homeowner or resident notice ants before their numbers increase.

Winter Pests

Winter pests enter homes in autumn and prepare to nest for the winter. Beetles and ladybugs are common to entering homes in autumn. Like humans, insects seek comfort and nutrients, which can be found in homes. Also watch for the side of home where the bugs sun-bathe for warmth in the afternoons.


They come to the region to feed on plants then enter homes to survive the winter. Stinkbugs are aptly named for the odor caused by their defense mechanism.

Termite Tips:

  • Repair roof or plumbing leaks. The moisture from these allows termites to survive above ground.
  • Ensure gutters drain properly and direct moisture away from your foundation.
  • Keeping firewood from being stacked against the side of your home.
  • Have your home inspected by a trained professional like Eco-Smart Pest Control at least once a year.

Bedbug Tips:

  • Check hotel headboards and mattresses for bedbugs and dark blood spots.
  • Hang all clothing. Leave nothing lying on the bed or furniture.
  • Avoid unpacking clothing and storing your clothing in the hotel’s furniture drawers.
  • Vacuum suitcases when returning home, and immediately wash clothing in hot water.
  • Bedbugs should only be treated by a trained pest control professional.

Ant Tips:

  • Keeping a well-maintained lawn and calling a professional.
  • Before treating any ant infestation, it’s important to identify what ant is currently causing the problem.

Winter Pest Tips:

  • Seal all cracks in the home’s exterior.
  • Ensure windows and doors seal tightly.
  • If winter pests appear, use a vacuum to remove them (cautiously with stinkbugs). Discard the bag once complete.

Eco-Smart Pest Control recommends homeowners consult them if they suspect an infestation, rather than attempt a do-it-yourself remedy that may make the problem worse.

Eco-Smart Pest Control

We offer green solutions to your Pest Infestations, Tree Care and Lawn Care needs. The green protection is a system to utilize only the highest quality of environmentally friendly methods and materials through our Eco-smart elimination.

  • We do fumigation of grain and other dry commodities
  • Fumigation of building and warehouses
  • Fumigation in restaurants against cockroaches
  • Control of rodents and similar pests.
  • Termite control in gardens, buildings etc.

HACCP Food Safety Principles are applied on food premises.

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