Many species of spider are harmless to you but if you’re a person who does not like to share your home with any eight-legged creepers, contact Eco-Smart Pest Control. As we move closer to autumn and winter, you can only imagine where they will be looking for a nice warm place to live. Yes, your home is the perfect fit. There are many natural ways to keep spiders out and away from your home, however, these measures only work on a temporary basis depending on how severe the infestation is.

1. Essential oils

Spiders are repelled by strong scents which many of us already use in our homes. Peppermint oil is a particularly popular scent, just add 15 to 20 drops of the essential oil to a spray bottle filled with water and spray it around your home. Other options include tea-tree, lavender, rose and cinnamon. To make this effective you can rotate the fragrance weekly so it continues to be effective.

2. Vinegar

Should the above essential oils render useless, fill a spray bottle with equal parts of white vinegar water and spray in corners, cracks and crevices. Be careful on varnished surfaces as vinegar can be somewhat harsh.

3. Get cleaning

Spiders like to have places to hide and one of the best ways to prevent this is by keeping your house neat and tidy. Use plastic/metal storage containers rather than cardboard boxes as these are harder for spiders to crawl into, and dust/vacuum regularly to get rid of webs.

4. Protect the exterior of your house

Make sure spiders don’t get into your house in the first place by moving anything that they would be likely to hide in away from any exterior walls. Check door openings and window sills for any cracks that spiders could crawl through.

5. Citrus

Spiders despise citrus scents. Rubbing citrus peel along skirting boards, window sills and bookshelves will dispel them. Use lemon-scented cleaners and furniture polish, and burn citronella candles both inside and outside of your home

6. Garlic

Spiders don’t like the smell of garlic. Place whole cloves or crushed cloves into a spray bottle filled with water and use to scent the corners, floors and skirting boards of any room prone to receiving unwanted guests.

Eco-Smart Pest Control

We offer green solutions to your Pest Infestations, Tree Care and Lawn Care needs. The green protection is a system to utilize only the highest quality of environmentally friendly methods and materials through our eco-smart elimination.

  • We do fumigation of grain and other dry commodities
  • Fumigation of building and warehouses
  • Fumigation in restaurants against cockroaches
  • Control of rodents and similar pests.
  • Termite control in gardens, buildings etc.

HACCP Food Safety Principles are applied on food premises.

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