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Can rats chew through my ceiling? Most ceilings are made of drywall or some form of chipboard. Remember that these rodents can chew through basically anything and the reason for their Chewing is due to their teeth that never stops growing. If there is some form of food source, rats […]

Pest Control: How to get rid of rats in my ...

Eco-Smart Pest Control and Hygiene is all about the environment and the society we live, play and work in. We are a Pest Control company focused on Going Green the Eco-Friendlier way with the desire to SERVE our clients and the environment. We control and/or exterminate all pests and ensure […]

Pest Control

Why do Termites enter my home? Known as the silent destroyer, wood and timber chewing subterranean termites can be any home owner’s nightmare. Termites are not the only pest damaging your home or office. Numerous unregistered pest control agencies can cause a bigger problem by using inappropriate and harmful chemicals […]

Why do Termites enter my home?

Today we will give you some insight into Eco-Smart Pest Control and what we do. Our main objective is to maintain a healthy, clean, pest free environment for our valued customers. Our mission is to be the preferred Pest Control and Hygiene Services Company to our Clients that offer versatile, […]

Eco-Smart Pest Control